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Pegasi 696

Pegasi 696

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Pegasi 696 is a 16x20" original acrylic on canvas painting by artist Krissy Whiski

Pegasi 696 is my archetypal interpretation of an astronomical infrared potential planetary forming nebula star system. She spins in an Archemidian spiral and her light can only be seen in infrared. Her binary Star sister is Moonpenny. 
If you want to know more about the actual Astronomy science that inspired Pegasi 696, search “Pegasi LL 696 Harvard Smithsonian Press” and read about these binary star sisters that have inspired this art.
I have added UV reactive paint to the yellow center, as well as to parts of her face, when you shine uv light on this painting parts of it will appear to glow.


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For original art this sale will not be finalized until you and Krissy sign an Agreement of Sale for this piece. Krissy will email the agreement to you after the purchase. If you cannot sign the agreement, we will refund your payment.