6 Paintings Inspired by my kids!

6 Paintings Inspired by my kids!

In the month of January I managed to start and complete 6 paintings! I'm pretty impressed with myself, as it was my New Years resolution to create more art and I seem to be on track so far. Fingers crossed! It is only mid January. Anyhow, these 6 pieces of art are near and dear to me. As they are fully inspired by my kids. On top of being a full time artist. I am a mom to two boys. I have a 3 year old, and a 9 year old. The end of 2016, I spent the better part of 6 weeks, home with sick kids, or sick myself, due to the plagues children seem to pick up at school and daycare. Seriously, It's like we pay to send our kids to daycare, so they can pick up germs to bring home and infect us all. I was unable to get much done during that time. I did however still sketch in my sketchbook and come up with some great ideas. I'm still not totally sure if those ideas were the product of NyQuil and utter lack of sleep, but they still stuck with me into the new year. Here's a summary of each of them, along with what they mean to me.

Peeing Rainbows is a tongue in cheek take at how excited we become as parents, when our kids start potty training. You'd never think you'd be cheering on anyone pee, until you've become a mother to a toddler.

Baby T-Rex is actually a portrait of my youngest son's personality.

At 3 years old he runs around "Rawring and Gwaring" often. It's hilarious, he's been doing it since he was a baby. Babies are a lot like T-rex's they lack communication and their motor skills haven't fully developed. Sometimes it feels impossible to raise a T-Rex.

My painting Don't Care Bear, is a homage to children's cartoons of the past. I grew up watching the Care Bears and I loved them when I was young. However, watching kids cartoons these days makes me tired, with it's mindless repetition and total lack of a plot. Seriously? Why can't we have cartoons like we used to in the 80's?

The baby ice cream cone series is a fun surreal take on kids growing up. I'm watching my oldest son, slowly morph into a young teen. When our children are babies, you just want to eat them up! They are so cute, cuddly and helpless, but that time melts away so quickly. It's like trying to eat an ice cream cone in July heat. Happy and Refreshing, but also sticky and a bit sad. I plan on creating more ice cream babies, and childhood inspired art in the future. Feel free to suggest flavors or share with me hilarious things about parenting we all can relate to!

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