Krissy's Art Truck

This is how I get my art in front of your eyes in person!

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The Art Truck Origins

If you follow me on social media, you've probably seen me post about the art truck. Now it's time to get into the details. The idea for the art truck came sometime in 2019. Shortly after experimenting with the mobile art cart. If you haven't seen that, here's a photo.
The mobile art cart was an idea from 2017 that Jeff built for me, so I could easily paint outdoors at pop-up art shows and events. It worked out well, and the traveling art truck was the obvious next step. It's an art gallery without having to stay put. I can show up with my art anywhere. I can drive my art around.
The traveling art truck has 200 square feet of hanging space. There are display windows on both sides of the cap and the back. I currently have 5 large paintings displayed in it.
Here's a short video of me talking about the art truck.
It was designed and built by Jeff. We passively tested it on our road trip. If you'd like to learn more, including the technical aspects of the build and the data we were able to get from our tests, below is a video of a talk Jeff gave at TechLancaster.
I tried to find my space in the ecosystemA lot of the ecosystem has changed and I couldn't quite find a place that I fit into, that also fit my needs as an artist, with the way that I like to do business. There are no rules in art.

I'm including some more photos of the art truck setup below, along with information to add a bit of context to what I can bring to your event. If given the space, without impeding the flow of foot traffic, I will often live paint to music. At kid-friendly family events, will set up a table with bubble wands, a bubble machine, and sidewalk chalk, free of charge, as it offers a way for kids (and playful grown-ups) to be creative, play and have fun. At events that have space and want me to display more of my original artwork. I have the ability to set up a 10x10 tent that displays a pop-up gallery with more of my artwork. I will only setup the 10x10 tent if rain and severe winds are not a factor that day, as I am not willing to risk damaging the original artwork. The truck, however, can display the artwork, rain or shine, as well as at night, as the window panels light up. I am also able to curate music tailored to the event with the sound system. If you have any questions concerning the art truck, feel free to contact me.