Frequently Asked Questions

What is this experience?

Going forward in my journey as an artist, I will be offering personal delivery for each piece of original artwork. I have decided that it's never felt quite right packing up a piece of my soul into a box, and mailing it. I will come hang it in your home, if you'd like me to. This is your chance to meet me, and it is included in the cost of a piece of original artwork. The experience is ultimately what you want to make it. I have offered this in the past to local art collectors, and I have found it to be a truly rewarding experience. We schedule a day, a time and a place. If you are not local, I arrange to come to you.

Some people like to keep it casual, and I come by their home to hang the art, and we talk about what connected them to the piece of artwork and what it means for them. I've had art collectors invite friends over, and throw a party to celebrate. We can celebrate your new house, your birthday, anniversary, you name it. This is also your opportunity to pick my brain and find out how the piece came to be. I often do not travel alone, and will be accompanied by an assistant.

If for any reason we are unable to meet in person, you can opt to schedule a video chat after your art is delivered. This experience includes a collectors manuscript, which is a hard cover book that I create based on your piece of art. I keep many notes, artifacts and sketches surrounding each piece of artwork, including what books I was reading, movies I was watching, any music I was listening to. Your collectors manuscript includes all that info, put together into a hard cover book. You get to see the process that went into creating your piece of art from start to finish. There are also, few questions for you and blank pages fo you to add any information you'd like to. Because art is part of our story, it documents humanity, and I believe that your story, as an art collector and supporter of the art, is just as important to the piece of artwork. Imagine passing the artwork down over generations, or gifting it, with this rich story and history behind it. That's the kind of history that lives on long beyond us.


How do I purchase a piece of artwork that isn't in your shop?

If you are interested in a piece of artwork that is not available in my shop, contact me, using the contact form below. I'll let you know if it is available for purchase. If you don't know the title, direct me to a link of the artwork, or even a photo of the art, and I will be able to assist you better. Many times a piece of artwork is pulled from my shop, due to an upcoming show, or event. I also sell artwork that I create via Facebook and Instagram. So don't hesitate to ask if you have your heart set on something I've created that you have seen somewhere online, or at a show.

How do you price your art?

Good question. I like to be transparent about this one as possible.

Currently, I am at $6 per square inch on all fine art pieces that I create.

Custom artwork commission rates are $10 per square inch for fine art.

Public art/Mural artwork rates differ, and are addressed on a case by case basis.

My prices have increased steadily over the years as an artist, making owning my artwork an investment to my collectors and making art a sustainable career model for my life.

Taxes and shipping are additional added costs on top of the artwork.

I do offer payment plans to make owning my artwork more accessible.

How do payment plans work?

I offer payment plans on artwork to make owning original artwork accessible for everyone . Payment plans are structured via an invoice. An initial non-refundable deposit, of at least 15% is required to secure a piece of artwork as yours. The terms available are 3, 6, or 12 month periods with which to pay via, a specific invoice link that I set up for you. You are able to make payments at your convenience, using the link, that is emailed to you. I hold onto the artwork until you have paid in full. Once you have paid your invoice in full, I will deliver the artwork. Payment plans make owning a piece of original artwork easier, on the wallet, by breaking down the cost into smaller affordable increments. Using Paypal invoices helps keep track of all payments made, and the balance owed, as well as providing buyer and seller protection. I also require that a contract be signed, that protects both parties interests in case of the event of any unforeseeable circumstances that could arise.


How come you don't offer prints?

Due to the nature of my artwork, and my use of color, the range of color on my artwork does not always translate well via print. I have worked with various high end printmasters and have found that the cost to produce beautiful quality prints in not efficient for me at this time. Printers do not have the capacity to create certain ranges of colors outside the CKMY formulas the printer dyes can produce.  Because I work with florescent neons, and UV reactive paints, I would have to hand embellish and add in those touches to each and every print, in order for it to look as vivid as the original work of art. Therefore I have made a decision not to mass produce my artwork via print at this time. In the future I would like the ability to offer certain pieces of my artwork in print, however I see a need to grow my audience, such that the demand for limited edition high quality prints is there. I am not interested in reducing the quality and the way others experience my artwork in an effort to collect more money. If you hold a print up alongside an original painting, it should look like a beautiful miniature reproduction, not a flat, dull disappointing knock-off. I do not see value in creating lackluster mass produced decor. 

How does buying an original artwork happen?

When in person just ask and we can work out the payment, delivery experience, and agreement of sale.

Online you can simply buy it via my website. If you prefer a payment plan you can set that up via my website or you can contact me directly to set it up. Once the payment is made you will be sent an Agreement of Sale which you will sign and then we will move onto making the delivery experience happen!

Any other questions? Contact me.