Each piece of artwork is lovingly handcrafted, and one of a kind. 

My concepts start in my sketchbook, as words and quick drawings to convey an idea. I turn the idea over and over in the pages of my sketchbooks, this is how my ideas begin to take form. Once a visual concept compels me, lines are drawn on to canvas, creating the initial composition. I then choose my color pallet based on the emotions I seek to convey. I grab my paint brushes, and begin applying paint, focusing on the shadows and basic shapes. Music that is carefully chosen plays in the background, as I smush, smudge and swirl colors of paint together.  I step back many times, photographing my process, refining, tweaking and analyzing, adding a brushstroke here, a highlight there. Each decision leaving it's impression in the final outcome, a piece of work that I am confident to share.


I put my art out into the world, where it can be discovered by you. You've connected to a piece of my soul. It's brought you here to learn more. 

What I am providing here, is far more than just a piece of artwork, it is an experience. 

Included with each painting, is the opportunity to connect. Find the art that speaks to you, and we'll celebrate that, together. Because the power of art at its core is its ability to unite us.

Artist Statement

Curriculum Vitae