Delivery Experience

When you purchase original art with the delivery experience, I perform magic and deliver the art to you by hand, and we spend a say together that we design.

It's never felt quite right packing up a piece of my soul into a box and mailing it. I will come to hang it in your home if you'd like me to. This is your chance to meet me, and it is included in the cost of a piece of original artwork. The experience is ultimately what you want to make it. I have offered this in the past to local art collectors, and I have found it to be a truly rewarding experience. We schedule a day, a time, and a place. If you are not local, I will arrange to come to you.

Some people like to keep it casual, and I come by their homes to hang the art, and we talk about what connected them to the artwork and what it means for them. I've had art collectors invite friends over and throw a party to celebrate. We can celebrate your new house, your birthday, your anniversary, you name it. This is also your opportunity to pick my brain and find out how the piece came to be. I often travel with others and will be accompanied by an assistant.

Suppose, for any reason, we are unable to meet in person. In that case, you can schedule a video chat after your art is delivered. 

This experience includes a collector's manuscript, a hard-cover book I create based on your piece of art. I keep many notes, artifacts, and sketches surrounding each piece of artwork, including what books I was reading, movies I was watching, and any music I was listening to. Your collector's manuscript includes all that info, put together into a hard-cover book. You get to see the process of creating your piece of art from start to finish. There are also a few questions and blank pages for you to add any information you'd like. Because art is part of our story, it documents humanity, and as an art collector and supporter of the arts, your story is just as crucial to the artwork. Imagine passing the artwork down over generations or gifting it with this rich story and history behind it. That's the kind of history that lives on long beyond us.

 *PLEASE NOTE:  Free Local Delivery does not include the delivery experience. The art will simply be delivered to you locally. Delivery experience is an additional fee due to the time, care and attention given for this unique opportunity.