Answering the Call : Developing a Unique Inner Voice

Answering the Call : Developing a Unique Inner Voice

“Everyone holds his fortune in his own hands, like a sculptor the raw material he will fashion into a figure. But it’s the same with that type of artistic activity as with all others: We are merely born with the capability to do it. The skill to mold the material into what we want must be learned and attentively cultivated.”  Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von

I use color, symbolism, metaphors, and subconscious imagery in my artwork to evoke feelings and convey ideas. Often, an idea appears as a vision, its meaning unfolding gradually as I progress through its creation. For me, creating art has become a meditation in losing and finding myself, and through sharing my artwork, I connect with others.

My first painting of 2024 is about answering the call to uncover and cultivate a unique voice. We each carry a primal voice inside us, akin to the distinct songs of birds. Imagine it as your heart's song, its notes rich with your individual experiences. It's the personal imprint, the fingerprints we leave on the things we create. To hear this call, we must recall childhood when that inner drive was most natural and innate.

What did you spend countless hours engaged in as a child, feeling excitement and fascination? For each of us, there's a point where something resonates so deeply, striking a particular chord. "This is what I must do. This is who I am." Can you remember that moment?

This artwork is more than a depiction of discovering my calling; it's a reminder that mastery and self-discovery are born from daily practice and dedication. Our lives are the sum of our daily actions, the things we create, the connections we forge, and the memories we share.

My first painting of 2024 is a reflection on discovering my calling as an artist and then answering that call, to develop a life that brings joy.

We are all on a unique journey of continuous growth, emphasizing the importance of answering our innate calling and exploring where it leads us. What are you passionate about? How can you incorporate more of that into your daily life?

The original painting is for sale in my shop here until someone claims him.

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