Art Show Tent Setup

So this weekend was my first outdoor art show, that I personally participated in. Let me first say, thank you to Jeff, who is always amazingly supportive and helped me build and setup this tent. We spent the weeks leading up to this event preparing my art show tent, and ensuring everything was perfect. Well, it paid off, in that I was confident with my setup and I felt it looked beautiful. Take a look for yourself in the slideshow above.

However the event itself went was less than perfect. We woke up early and left at 7am, arrived at 9am and set up the tent by 10. It was sweltering heat, and I was in direct sun, all day. Because of the sweltering sun, and the fact that my tent was not in a good location, not many people came through. I live painted despite the disappointment of the day, and practically no sales. The few people that did stop and take time to admire my art, I was thankful for. It's unfortunate, to have a day like this, but it happens. At least, I was able to test out my art show tent in a real situation, and I also learned a few important lessons. Lesson #1 being, bring sunscreen and more than enough water. I was burnt and dehydrated, despite drinking 3 liters of water. Next time I will be better prepared, and hopefully I will be able to get a spot in the shade, or I will set up my tent walls, so at least I have shade inside my tent to retreat to. Rather than judge this show on this one experience, I am giving Art Rave DC another shot. I am doing the food festival September 9th, 10th and 11th. Hopefully I will have a different experience, then this one. My fingers are crossed in hopes that the next time isn't as hot and the festival is better organized and advertised.

For more information on ArtRave DC: visit their website.

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