Brainstorm of Anxiety

This painting is a deep reflection of how I was feeling at the time I painted it. I struggle with anxiety, and the stress of my life at the time was overwhelming. I was trying to brainstorm on ideas to make things better, and I kept getting met with hopeless thoughts and dead ends. The moment my brain would come up with a solution, the voices in my mind immediately shut it down, telling me that I would fail.

At the time, I was honestly lost in it. I thought it would never end. That time did end though, and with therapy and support I was able to pick myself back up and keep creating. I'm so happy I was able to push through that time with my art, and I am now able to look back at it, and share that emotion with you. I feel as if we all find ourselves there at times, and when we are lost in it, it can be difficult to see our way out. Just know that, there is an end to it, and with help, you can work through it. Don't be afraid to reach out and ask for help.

Anyhow I am going to add the many progression shots because this piece evolved over a long process. The original idea was a digitally painted image, that I believe started out as a photo, if memory serves me right. I decided to paint layers over it in Sketchbook Pro and alter it in Adobe. I actually used it in this blog post here. Almost 2 years ago. Then I recalled it while in this deep anxiety and needing to express myself. I started out with some lighter purples and pastel teals to match the feel I was going for. However I ended up changing it again, because I felt it wasn't powerful enough. I wanted this piece of art to stand out and the skulls to be screaming from what looked like a toxic atom bomb cloud over her head. I decided neon colors were the way to go and went over them again in neon shades of orange, yellow, pinks and purples.

This painting ironically got damaged in transit between art shows. I am not exactly sure how, but the whole thing seemed pretty ironic. I have since repaired the piece and have marked it's price down substantially to make up for the barely noticeable marr in the canvas.

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