Creative Space Interview

Creative Space Interview

Last week I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jennifer Logue on her incredible podcast Creative Space. I'm a fan of this podcast, and have found bits of information in many of the episodes useful for me in my creative practices. I think this podcast is a gift that will spark creativity in anyone who is looking to be inspired. In my episode interview we touch on many topic, ranging from my Synesthesia, my childhood, my journey to becoming a full time artist, my ritual art burnings, and my advice for aspiring artists.

   If you're someone who is passionate about creativity and the creative process, you should check out "Creative Space.", this podcast is dedicated to exploring the inner workings of creativity by interviewing people from many different creative fields and backgrounds. At its core, "Creative Space" is all about helping people to connect with their creativity in a deeper way. 

  Each episode of "Creative Space" features an interview with a different creative professional, such as musicians, artists, comedians and performers. Through these interviews, listeners can gain insight into the creative process and the various ways in which these professionals approach their craft.  

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