Did someone say wine?


Hate your job? Kids driving you crazy? Laundry piles building up? Husband being lazy?

Take a deep breath and exhale.

I just wanted to take this moment to say, sometimes it's normal to want to lock yourself in the bathroom with a bottle (possibly a box) of wine (isn't it?), take a hot bath and give up. Life is stressful. All it takes for me is one trip to the local Walmart, and next thing I know, I am pulling my hair out, behind some sweet confused old lady with produce at the self check out. I get home, unpack my groceries and look feel the need to unwind. Unfortunatley I am without spirits. If anyone knows a wine or whisky delivery service, please let me know.

We've recently moved to Pennsylvania. Well my first weird discover was that beer, wine and liquor are not available at the local grocery store (NOOOO!) In Georgia, I could purchase some mixers, wine, a 6 pack of beer, and baby diapers, within a 10 foot radius. Party in the back aisle at Walmart! Bathrooms not needed! Seriously though, I'm not too fond of the fact, that in order to buy alcohol I have to go to a wine and spirits store. Which has an awful small selection, even the premium stores.liquor Heaven forbid you want some beer for a bbq, these beer warehouses only sell an entire pallet of beer (OK it's a big box, but I hate beer). Forcing me to buy 48 bottles of beer, when I need want 6, is a bad idea. Because I hate to waste it. Then they have these BYOB restaurants. Now you are tempting me to order pasta and not just drink my dinner. Not to mention, if I go to a restaurant, and I just want a glass of wine,but now I have a whole bottle. Great, now I'm just having a bottle of Merlot for dinner, and my family is judging me. "This is your sister's engagement party." They say. "Stop trying to play quarters with your niece, it's only 1pm, and you are drunk!" Well, whatever the case. Just enjoy your spirits responsibly, relax and have a glass for me.

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