Finding a real job is hard.

Now that we are all moved, and settled in. I've spent the past two weeks looking for a "real job". Moving has wreaked havoc on business, and it's going to take some time to network my art and photography locally. I have bills to pay, since I prefer to eat and sleep, indoors. So, I've dedicated countless hours applying to different jobs, with only a small degree of success. Which led me to update my resume. Now, it's a pink piece of construction paper with "Criminal Mischief and Arson" written in crayon upon it. I even included an holographic unicorn sticker, and my name, for extra points. I'm sure the phone will start ringing anytime now. *fingers crossed* Wish me luck. If something doesn't happen soon, I'll be eating ramen noodles by candle light, like my Amish neighbors.

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