Frida Kahlo, a Source of Inspiration & Personal Growth


I started a series of painting my art heroes, this year. The lineup includes legendary artists Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol and Bobb Ross. The purpose of this series was to pay homage to the artists throughout history who have inspired me and shaped the way that I create art, each in very different ways. Each painting in the series highlights things about the artist's style and personality that inspired me.

Frida Kahlofly was the first of this series to be completed since the original painting had sold before I even finished her. I painted her in a more folk art style, with bright colors, and a surreal message. The background flowers and colors I kept simple and tried to do in a Mexican folk art pattern. I decided to make Frida Kahlo into a butterfly for this painting to play upon her powerful quote "Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?". It speaks volumes to me the adversity she faced in her lifetime, yet she still accomplished so much. She was confined to a bed or wheelchair most of her life, stricken with Polio and injured terribly in an accident. Frida saw the world differently than most of her time. She was quite progressive. She advocated for female rights, and was quite open about her and Diego's affairs, seeing love as the most powerful thing. She was openly bi-sexual, even choosing to dress in men's clothing, which at the time wasn't a norm in most cultures. One can't help but admire Frida for her individuality, strength, courage, and larger-than-life presence. Her body of art speaks for itself in talent and powerful, surreal, symbolic meaning.

Here is a video timelapse of the Frida Kahlofly painting that I have completed. This painting took approximately 40 hours to create and I managed to capture the entire process over the span of two weeks. I condensed the videos into a time-lapse and sped them up to fit it all into 6 minutes. To see my process watch the video I have included below. The original art has long sold

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