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Krissy Whiski Tell us about yourself and your art specialties.

My name is Krissy Whiski. I’m surreal artist, I paint strange psychedelic things, mostly with acrylic paints on canvas, but sometimes I use watercolors, coffee, and whiskey.

Wait, what? You use actual coffee and whiskey in your paintings?

Well, yes and no. I drink tons of coffee, and sometimes a glass of bourbon or scotch while I am painting. So I say it fuels my artwork. However, I have dipped my brush in the wrong cup, from time to time, and actually used a bit of coffee or whiskey in my paintings. No harm done, I say. I’ve also painted some of my skulls with coffee grounds, on watercolor paper, intentionally. It was a fun experiment.

How long have you been an artist and how did you get started?

I’ve been painting and drawing things since before I could walk. My mother had a rough time keeping me from drawing on the walls, at a young age. I want to say it was my uncle who bought me my first real paint set when I was 7, as a gift. I continued painting all through out my school years. I had never had any formal training, until I reached high school and my art teachers noticed my ability. One art teacher specifically let me utilize the art room and all it’s supplies anytime I wanted. So I spent pretty much every moment in that art room, that I wasn’t in class. She gave me free reign to experiment and create. Then offered me input and critique on how to improve things that I wanted to improve upon. After high school I moved to Florida, and after some time I ended up working an art gallery in Matlacha, FL. Working in this environment, I was constantly surrounded by bohemian artists, and creatives. It was quite inspiring to watch so artists, do what they loved, and do it well, in a quirky island atmosphere. After living in Florida, I moved to Savannah, GA and spent some time sitting in on figure drawing courses at SCAD. It wasn’t until that point, I felt confident in telling other people I was an artist. I began doing portraits and selling them here and there to make money. Circumstances brought to Lancaster county Pennsylvania and I began pursuing art full time.

How would you describe your art style?

I’d say most of my paintings are strange bright surreal psychedelic pop art or pop surrealism art. My style is whimsical and dreamy. I am on the fringe of contemporary art, so I am more a part of the underground art scene. I like to paint females, their faces and curves are fun to create, so I’d say so much of my work is feminine but, men like it too. My style is also very emotional.

Are you working on any art projects right now? What should we expect next from you?

Yes, I am working on a series of Sushi Mermaids for a show. I also have a coloring book I plan to release. I have been offering the pages free to anyone who subscribes to my email list on my site. Sorta as a preview of the work I am doing. My coloring book pages are sketches that usually end up becoming paintings later on. I also have a beautiful painting I am working on of a little girl blowing bubbles, that are the planets in space. It’s a playful piece made, to make the viewer contemplate the big bang theory, global warming, our fragile planet, and the future we are leaving for our children.

What/who inspires you to create your artwork?

Alice in Wonderland is an obvious muse of mine. I like surreal places like Wonderland, Oz, Narnia. I find that if I submerge my thoughts into a fictional realm, I can be more uninhibited with my messages or symbol inspired.

What’s your favorite accessory or tool you use in your art making process?

Tool. Ha! I really like listening to music while creating. Music helps me set the tone, for a painting. I have entire playlists on spotify dedicated to certain emotions, and I will put one on, based on how I want that painting to come out as. I really believe music has an impact on my work.

Who is your greatest musical influence?

Oh that’s a hard one. I don’t think I can pinpoint any one specifically. My music choices are so diverse. Some days I will put on the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Tom Petty, or Bob Marley. Other days I will put on Rage Against the Machine, Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Florence and the Machine, Melanie Martinez or even Audiosoave. Mostly just depends on what I am feeling like in that particular moment. Music and art have the ability to transcend time, and emotion. So I don’t stick to any certain kind.

Do you use photoshop or anything like that in your workflow? How does it help?

I actually mock up thing in photoshop from time to time. I’ll have a sketch and no idea what colors to use, or how to make the composition fit on a certain size canvas. So I’ll pull it in Adobe and tinker with ideas, until I find something that I feel works.

What advice do you have for somebody who wants to make a living making art?

Be the most authentic version of yourself, when you create. A career as an artist isn’t easy, so you are going to need to surround yourself with supportive open minded people. Don’t undervalue your art. By doing so, you are undervaluing yourself. I see so many artists do this. Most importantly always keep learning, keep pushing yourself, experiment with new technique and expand your abilities.

What would you like to be doing in art 5 years from now?

I’d like to have an art gallery with a working studio. I’d want a shared space with like minded artists. Right now it’s too soon for that kind of commitment, but in the future, I could see that happening.

Tell us a little bit about yourself outside of your art. What other hobbies or careers are you working on?

Most people already know I am a whiskey enthusiast. I love trying out new bourbons, whiskey or scotches. So many great nuances in whiskey tasting. Other than that I love to read, I’m a big Steven King fan, and I am currently reading his new book Finders Keepers. I’ve been into experimenting with my hair. It’s currently pastel sherbet colors. I use manic panic temporary dye, and change it every 3 weeks. It’s fun to play with your style. I also listen to a lot of stand up Louis CK, Jim Gaffigan, Lewis Black are some of my favorites. I love to laugh.


Where can we find your work? Any websites or social media we can check out?

I have all the social media accounts! You can follow me on…


Instagram: or @KrissyWhiski

Twitter: or @Apaintedmind


but the best place to check me out is my own website.

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