Lady Parts Solo Art Show Opens at PROP & red.storation in New Hope, PA

Lady Parts Solo Art Show Opens at PROP & red.storation in New Hope, PA

A big thank you to everyone who attended last night's show opening!

The show runs through June, so it is still available to see in person during gallery hours,

Wednesday-Sunday 10am-6pm


PROP & red.Storation

37 N Main St New Hope, PA 18938

For those of you who live far and wide, and were unable to attend click the link below to see the artwork featured in the show.

If you are interested in pricing or purchasing any of the artwork from the show please contact the gallery: PROP via phone : 215.862.2725

or via email at

Art in the show

Artist Krissy Whiski brings together a body of artwork meant to empower women and provoke conversation of societal pressures women face in our society. It all started four years ago with a painting I was creating as a way to deal with my own feelings regarding feminine beauty. I was working in an industry that valued a pretty face over character, brains or talent. It led me to down a path of self-loathing and broke my self-esteem in many ways. I'd worry that I was too fat, not tall enough, not young enough. I'd wish my hair was longer, blonder, that I didn't have freckles. I'd spend hours curling my hair, putting on makeup, dressing to accent my figure, just so I could feel good about myself. The things I once enjoyed doing to do to make myself feel confident I now felt obligated to do daily in order to face people in public. It became exhausting. During that time I was painting, and I have always used art as an outlet to pour all of my emotions and thoughts into. It was when I shared this painting online, and my story that so many women connected with me and felt the same way. Even women who weren't models, actresses, entertainers, it wasn't restricted to a group of women. It was instead a reflection of the beauty standards placed in media and advertisements. With the current lean in and me too movements gaining traction online, I felt it was appropriate to also bring forward the notion to empower women and point out that we are more than just our parts. We don't need to fit society's perfect mold of beauty in order to be respected. We should be teaching young girls to love themselves and have a healthy self image, not this unobtainable photoshopped skinny barbie false reality that is so pervasive in media.

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