My Dog Is A Gangster!

My Dog Is A Gangster!

This is Harvey. Our rescue black mouth cur. He's a highly intelligent dog, he's excellent with the kids, and he has quickly become a member of our family. I am however quite concerned with his latest antics. You see, I've noticed he has this guilty look about him. Almost like he's worried I'll find out his deepest, darkest, secret, and he'll end up back in doggie jail. Maybe it's just the anxiety of being a "pound puppy" in the first place. Or perhaps, there is something more sinister going on here. Last week I noticed he was digging holes in the yard. I'm pretty sure he is hiding something in them. Upon further investigation, I have found the holes to be empty, and more holes have been dug. Whatever he is moving, he doesn't want it to be found. A few days ago, I noticed he keeps sniffing friends rear ends; I can only assume it is because some of these "friends" have the drugs stashed in their anuses. He inspects each one of them thoroughly before they enter his territory. Probably to make sure they aren't packing heat or wire. As I said, he's smart. I haven't come to terms with what I plan to do about this. Since he is operating this so obviously, under my nose, I should say something. But, I fear the repercussions. You know how the saying goes "Don't try to take a hungry dog's bone.". As long as he gives me a pretty decent cut of the money, I'll look the other way.


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