Mythical Mermaids at La Bodega Gallery


Ok, so October has been a wonderfully busy month. Last night was the Mythical Mermaid art show at La Bodega Gallery in San Diego, California. I was honored that one of my sushi mermaid watercolor paintings was invited to hang among so many other fabulous mermaid masterpieces. Unfortunately because California is so far, and I have 3 art shows coming up on the east coast this weekend, I was unable to be in attendance, which is such a bummer. Because this show drew in a big crowd and looked like a ton of fun! There were even women dressed up like mermaids. Take a look at all of the photos from their Facebook page and browse through all the beautiful mermaid art. If you are interested in purchasing a piece contact La Bodega Gallery, so they can put you in touch with the artist.

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