Mythical Sushi Series by Krissy Whiski

Mythical Sushi Series by Krissy Whiski

What you are seeing here are paintings in a series of mythical sushi creatures. Yes I am cutting up and creating sushi unicorns, mermaids and eventually dragons. This is a fun series I am excited to share with you. I love mythical creatures like mermaids, unicorns, narwhals and ninja kittens. I also love food, and trying new things. One day while I was sketching out mermaids it occurred to me I should slice them up and create, sushi and sashimi out of them as an experiment. I liked it so much I decided to watercolor it and share it on social media. Within hours this beautiful sushi mermaid had sold. (pictured left)

Next I created a rainbow roll. (pictured right)

Sushi Unicorn was an obvious next direction to go with this series. I added pink glitter to the horn, for that extra special touch. I was honored when Sushi Unicorn was picked up for Hive Art Space’s Mythos show. Which is showing now, until October 30th. Contact Hive or get in touch with me to purchase Sushi Unicorn Rainbow Roll!

I am also proud to announce I have been asked to participate in La Bodega gallery’s Mythical Mermaids pop-up show, on October 5th. So one of the two beauties below will be attending the show in San Diego, for this exclusive one night event! Which one do you like better the blonde or the redhead? Leave a comment, and help me decide which one to choose.

While enjoying a glass of bourbon, and relaxing with my other half. He suggested we watch "Dreams of Sushi" which is about Jiro the world famous sushi master. After watching Jiro's documentary on sushi, I realized I have to fine tune my skills and redo each of theses pieces with much more precision. So expect to see more mermaids, unicorns and legendary beasts cut up and served to you raw. Dragons, Narwhals, Ligers, Gryphons and so much more! If you love sushi, I recommend you go watch the sushi master Jihro, it’s available now on Netflix.

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