New Year, New Art, New Opportunities.


A look back at 2016: I started out this year, less than happy with where I was in life, turning 30 and miserable. I was doing everything for everyone else, and nothing for myself. So I decided rather then complain about it, I'd make changes. I left a stressful relationship, and quit my job that I was unhappy with, to pursue an art career full time. That has had its share of challenges, and has been a learning experience. I'm so thankful for the freedom to create full time, along with the exposure of so many art shows. I've decided to share all the art (*well most of it) that I've created in 2016, along with this story. To point out to others, that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, but you have to show up, work hard, and not give up when it gets rough. I participated in 21 art shows this year. I Llive painted at over half of them, and created over 30 pieces of artwork (that's more than 2 a month). I figured out printing on t-shirts, fine art prints, shipping art safely internationally, creating an outdoor art show tent (with Jeff's help), social media marketing, and branding all while continuing to create. To those of you who have purchased art, come out to my art shows, bought tickets, shared my art posts, or offered encouragement, THANK YOU! I've been blessed to meet so many amazing people who love my art, and fellow creatives who are out there creating, sharing their work and making things happen as well. You are all so inspiring. 2016 has been amazing. Bring on 2017, we'll certainly need more art and culture going forward!

With that said, I have a list of the upcoming art shows for January, so check them out below. I will be in Philidelphia, NYC and DC this month! The last painting I created in 2016, "Life On Mars", will be on display at The Bowie Show, opening in Rukus Gallery January 6th. That's this Friday! Phillidelphia is having a whole week dedicated to David Bowie, with so interesting events, I suggest you go check it out if you are a big David Bowie fan: Philly Loves Bowie Week.

I've been working on a number of interesting new creations for the upcoming Pancakes&Booze art shows in Philly and DC. I post sneak peaks of my works in progress on my Instagram and Facebook. I'll be releasing these pieces in print form when they are ready, my email subscriber will have first dibs. So be sure to go subscribe.

(Contact me through my site if you can't find the subscribe form!)

Upcoming Art Shows
David Bowie Show, Rukus Gallery, Philidelphia PA, Opening Jan 6th 6-10pm

Pale Visions/ White Pallet Show, HIVE artspace, York PA, Opening Jan 6th 6-10pm

Eclectic Zone, V-Spot, Gramercy NYC, Opening January 8th 3pm-6pm

Pancakes & Booze Art Show, Underground Arts, Philadelphia PA, Jan 14th 7pm-2am

Pancakes & Booze Art Show, Big Chief, Washington DC, Jan 26th 7pm-2am

Jerks Productions presents Fused Underground, Tattooed Mom, Philadelphia PA, Feb 3rd, 7pm-2am

Look for my future updates to see more, and be sure to follow me on Facebook or Instagram, where you can view sneak peeks of the work I am creating for these art shows.

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