Painting Progression: A Child's Universe

Check out the video below to see my current piece of artwork in progress.

I took photographs as I worked on this painting and I've decided to share with you, how I bring a concept to life.

This painting is a little girl blowing bubbles, which are planets in our galaxy.

I decided to add puzzle piece shapes to the right hand side, to make the piece more playful.

It's not done yet. I have to perfect the hands, but it is almost there. If you are interested in purchasing this piece of art,before I list it, please contact me. I take deposits to hold original art, and I do accept payment plans.

Help me name this piece. Please leave your comments on this blog post, with an idea for a title. "A Child's Universe" is just the working title of this piece. Help be a part of my creating and come up with an awesome name for this painting!

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