Philly Loves Bowie

Philly Loves Bowie

Last week was the Philly Loves Bowie show opening, First Friday at Ruckus Gallery. This art show, curated by Patti Brett, displayed Bowie themed artworks by 20 local artists. I have to say this night was an incredible way to kick off a week of Bowie events here in Philadelphia. I love that Pattie Brett and Robert Drake got together to make this week happen. I mean the mayor even granted the second week of January as the official "Philly Loves Bowie".How cool is that. The numerous events that they had this year included an night of Ice Skating, as a labyrinth Masquerade ball. Anyhow, me and my oldest kid. Who is also a big Bowie fan, came with me to the show. We both decided to dress up for the event, to show our love for Bowie and I mean, why NOT? So I did Easton's face makeup as Alladin Sane, and I went for a Ziggy Stardust bolt. The two of us set out to the hour drive into Philly, by listening to the Bowie playlist I created on Spotify. We had a total mother, son, bonding moment, when I smiled in the rear view mirror, because Easton began the opening of Space Oddity, belting every word of the song and finishing by asking "Can you play Ziggystardust" next, please?" I mean, that's a parenting-win if you ask me.

Anyhow here's the pictures of the show! Enjoy! Oh and definitely if you live in or around Philly. Check your calendars for Philly Loves Bowie week in 2018.

Philly Loves Bowie Krissy Photos
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