Krissy Whiski Traveling Art Truck Origins

Krissy Whiski Traveling Art Truck Origins

If you follow me on social media, you've probably seen me post about the art truck. Now it's time to get into the details. The idea for the art truck came sometime in 2019. Shortly after experimenting with the mobile art cart. If you haven't seen that, here's a photo.
The mobile art cart was an idea from 2017, that Jeff built for me, so I could easily paint outdoors, at pop-up art shows and events. It worked out well and the traveling art truck was the obvious next step. It's an art gallery without having to stay put. I can show up with my art anywhere. I can drive my art around.
The traveling art truck has 200 square foot of hanging space There's the length on both sides of the cap, as well as the back. I currently have 5 large paintings displayed in it.
Here's a short video of me talking about the art truck.
It was designed and built by Jeff. We passively tested it on our road trip. If you'd like to learn more, including the technical aspects of the build and the data we were able to get from our tests, below is a video of a talk Jeff gave at TechLancaster.
I searched for my place in the constantly changing and evolving art world, but I struggled to find the perfect spot/ecosystem that allowed me to do what I wanted to do. I didn't want to build and run a static gallery.  So I create my means of bringing art to the people! In art, there are no rules. I realized I can display my art anywhere, whenever I want.
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You are a genius! I’ve been your friend on Facebook for a few years and you never cease to amaze me and inspire me! I love the catch me outside meme by the way.

Shiloh Skyy

Awesome wishing you the best of luck with it!!! Keep painting and trucking!!!

Brenda Karaburk

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