The Path of 'Starry Night' from Canvas to Collector

The Path of 'Starry Night' from Canvas to Collector

I recently sold my 'Van Gogh Starry Night” piece to Kristina. While putting the wax seal and filling out  the certificate of authenticity I got a bit emotional.

Shipping art is always one of those moments that really hits home about why I create. You pour your soul into a piece of art, never quite knowing its outcome.

Well, Kristina saw 'Van Gogh' and something clicked for her. She reached out to me to start a payment plan. And that’s the magic, isn’t it? When someone sees the work and feels so deeply that they want to own it. It becomes a part of shared history. Each piece I create and send off into the world is far more than just a transaction. It’s a part of me, finding a new home, and creating new connections. And the coolest part? Other people start seeing that art, hearing stories about where and how the people who own it, stumbled upon it and suddenly they're not just looking at some random piece of art; they're seeing stories, emotions, people who genuinely believe in supporting an artist’s journey, they are an integral part of that artist’s success. It becomes a conversation where art, artists, art appreciators and the stewards of the art can connect deeper.

I created this painting in the quiet struggle of my artistic journey.  I found myself turning to Van Gogh’s Letters to Theo book to rekindle my passion, determination and grit to keep creating while I was struggling. I decided to paint a portrait of Van Gogh and try my hand at channeling his impressionistic style and meditate on the enjoyment and fulfillment I get out of painting.  This piece emerged from that tumultuous re-entry into art, a tribute to Van Gogh's unyielding passion. His story, a beacon during my own trials, reminds me of the resilience required in making art, where success whispers quietly, often long after the art is born. As I shipped this painting of Van Gogh, I couldn't help but feel deep heartfelt gratitude l for the support of the art collectors I am fortunate to have, something he sadly never experienced in his lifetime.

That’s the beauty of it. Every artwork sold, that finds a home, creates a ripple effect. It inspires others and makes them want to be a part of this story too. It's not just about owning a piece of art; it's about being part of a shared human experience. It's a journey that involves not just me, the artist, but also those who collect my work, creating a rich tapestry of connections and stories. That support lifts me up and motivates me to keep making my best work. I appreciate all of you and I’m excited to see where this path takes us together.
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