There's No GPS Route To Success

Everybody wants to achieve their dreams, and there are so many people out there telling you that you can reach them if you just pay a few thousand dollars for their online tutorial, 10 step program, or some personal branding class. Some of these programs are snake oil money making schemes, or simple confidence builders to get you to take a few simple steps, towards buying the next course that will teach you a little bit more. Truth be told, these courses don't hurt. Some of the classes out there are legit and will offer you answers to questions you may have. However, if you don't do the work in the first place, spending money on a course isn't going to help you one bit.

Believe In Your Dreams

Most aren't committed to doing the work. In fact, most don't even have a plan or strategy that is going to help them succeed. Just posting on social media is not a valid strategy. You might be under the pretense that making money doing what you love is easy-peezy. So you just do your thing and share it, then sit there and wait for the cash to roll in. Right? Wrong. Since anybody can post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or create videos on Youtube, everybody is. In fact, that is precisely the problem. Social media has become a cluttered sea of advertisements.


So to actually sell your product or service, you need to stand out from the crowd by having a niche or being authentic and interesting. Stop doing what everyone else is doing, find what makes you unique and do that.

My point is, you aren't going to become a millionaire, a cover model, a rock star, award-winning actress, blue-chip artist, or the best selling author, by binge-watching Netflix and hoping your luck changes.



To achieve your dreams, you must have an action plan on how you're going to get there. Then you need an incredible amount of determination, patience, and focus to survive the first years of absolute struggle. In that period of time, you are going to face so many disappointments, you are going to get rejected more times than you think you can handle, you are going to make so many mistakes, but if you are smart, you will learn things from every rejection, and each error. If you carry on, you will start to define your voice, and build your style. If you're doing it right, you will begin to develop an audience and a network of peers whom you can share your successes and failures with.



This period is necessary to create the foundation needed to you will build your future success on.

During that time, your life will be defined by hardship. Your future will often seem unclear, and you'll likely face a ton of social pressure from everyone, at just what in the hell you are doing. You'll likely even begin to question if the journey is worth the struggle. You will feel like you are losing your god damn mind.


Few people survive this period. So many quit.

These people lock away their dream, killing off their inner child and doing away with what little optimism they had left about life. Occasionally they'll see others chasing their goals, and their innermost voice will speak up, "Have you forgotten me?", likely causing their inner cynic to lash out in jealousy, anger, and spite of what they couldn't face themselves.

If you don't want to end up jaded the best thing you can do is embrace those years of struggle. Prepare yourself for it. Know that it is going to take you giving your absolute best, while you continue to increase your ability on what your best even is. Work on being a master at your craft and while you are doing that, build confidence, don't let others nasty comments tear you down. Be brave, carry on despite the hardships. Focus on those who enjoy what you do. Reach out to those who you look up to, tell them how they inspired you, build a connection if you can, then ask questions. Looking up to and being inspired by others is perfectly acceptable, just realize that you can't compare yourself to where others are on their journey. Your journey is your own, and you need to own that journey.

You also need to be willing to put up with a lot of unexpected bumps, surprised, and mishaps along the way, because they will happen. Stay focused and beware of taking too many detours. Going the route alone will be even harder, so find a group of peers, and make friends along your path. You'll find it a little bit easier when you have a support network of people cheering you on.


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