Underground Art Show at Tattooed Mom's Philadelphia

Ok, so last night I did the Fused Underground art show at Philadelphia's legendary dive bar, Tattooed Mom. Which is the perfect place to house almost fifty misfit artists and their creations. The show actually took place on the second floor of the bar, which is decorated top to bottom with graffiti. Jill Trager, of Jerks Productions curates and co-ordinates the event, bringing together Philly's best lowbrow, urban, surreal and horror artists, for a night of art, booze and horror.

I had a fun time mingling with the other artists, selling artwork and I even bought home a lovely Pandacorn (by Ashley Amman) to hang in my art studio. In fact I enjoyed it so much, I've already signed up to be a part of their show on August 5th. Which just happens to be first Friday in Philly! So if you were planning to check out Philly's art scene, be sure to stop in to Tattooed Mom's for the after party.

In between stuffing my face with delicious tater tots and drinking Builet bourbon with gingerale, I added to the graffiti on the walls at Tattooed Mom. I Facebook live streamed for the first time last night and shared it for everyone. It's public posted, so you can view it, reshare, comment or like it.

Below you'll find a gallery with some highlights from last night. Check out the pictures, and if there is any work that is yours, feel free to comment and leave your link. Also if there is any work you love and you would like to know the artist. Feel free to ask, and I can find that information for you!

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