VIDEO LIVE LINKS: Pancakes & Booze DC and The Fused Underground Art Show at Tattooed Mom

I just got home from two art shows, back to back! Pancakes&Booze D.C. and the Fused Underground art show in Philadelphia. I was able to meet so many new wonderful fans of my artwork, and even got to chat with a handful of you in depth. That experience was amazing! So many of you offered suggestions on which art you'd like to see available next, as a t-shirt, stickers, or prints. I noted all of your wonderful suggestions and I always appreciate hearing your feedback. You'll see more prints, buttons, t-shirts and swag, posted up on my website in the upcoming weeks. 

During the Pancakes & Booze D.C. art show I ran a charity fundraiser, for My Mentor Rocks, with the incentive to win an original piece of my art. My Mentor Rocks is a non-profit charity that provides mental health resources and suicide prevention. Everyone at MMR and I want to thank each and every one of you who donated, both at the show, and online. You were a big part of making this fundraiser such a success. Congrats to Brandon Christiansen, who won this original piece of art!

Click HERE to see the Facebook live video, of me and MMR founder Hailey Dollar selecting our winner during the event!

Here's another awesome live video posted by Hailey, at MRR, that explains the charity fundraiser, and shows my awesome booth at Pancakes&Booze DC.

Below is the piece of art that was raffled of. It is a framed original piece of artwork.

It was an extremely personal piece of artwork to me, that I felt fit perfectly with the cause, and mission of MMR.

I will be doing a ton of art shows in the remaining months of this year. I also plan on having more awesome contests in the future, so be sure to subscribe to my email list. Go to the bottom of my website and fill out the form, if you haven't already. Subscribers gain access to fan only content, like free coloring book pages of art that I have sketched out. Sometimes it is art that has never before been released, and I let my fans color it in, and share it with me on social media. Which if the response to one of my sketches is great, I choose to continue on with the piece, painting it and bringing it to life! Subscribers are also the first to know, when I will be doing public shows, and even INVITE only events. So what are you waiting for? SUBSCRIBE NOW!

CLICK HERE to see my Facebook live stream during the Fused Underground on August 5th, at the legendary Tattooed Mom's in Philadelphia. It was definitely the first Friday after party for the arts scene. We had quite the crowd and it was a tons of fun! Hope to see new faces at the next event, first Friday in October!

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