What exactly makes good art?

What exactly makes good art?

I was having a coversation with a friend the other day, while looking through photos I had taken of, Trenton's Art All Night event. We were looking at the diversity of the art and pointing out pieces that caught our eye, when she asked me, what I think makes "good art". I told her it was all a matter of preferance really. Art is a subjective medium – open for interpretation by all who view it. The truth is that when it comes to art, good merely means "I like" and bad means "I dislike". The myth that art has to be "realistic", or done a certain way, to make it good, is well, just that entirely, a myth.

Some people search for certain subject matter, color palettes, or styles. Perhaps you favor landscapes because they connect you to the outdoors. Or you love contemporary art that uses bright colors because it makes you feel energized. The beauty of art is that no two people will respond to it the same way. We all bring to the table a different set of likes, dislikes, experiences, emotions, and expectations that shape the way we view a piece of art.

The bottom line is that there are no rules to buying art. There is no right kind of art or wrong kind of art. There is no good art or bad art. Don't focus on the potential value ten years from now or whether or not the piece fits the current trend. What you’re really investing in is your style, your point of view, and ultimately, your pleasure. If you love it – buy it!

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