Which business card do you choose?


Artists need business cards right? Of course. Everyone who has a business, and wants to be able to share it easily, should have business cards.

I used to order from Vista Print. Why? They offered 100 free business cards. Yes, FREE. They still do, all you pay for is the shipping. At the time it was the perfect option for me. Cheap, easy, economical, and did I mention FREE! Yes as a business woman, just starting up, the small up front cost is what mattered most to me at the time.

They also weren't bad at all. If fact, they were great. I custom designed them, and loved them. I've ordered from them many times over the years, and I have never been disappointed. I still find my old business cards tucked into sketchbooks from time to time. Here's an example of two I've found recently.

These are old, one sided, and they don't show what I do well enough. So here's where Moo comes in to save the day! I found out about Moo business cards, from my days on etsy. I used to sell my art on etsy.com, back when they offered alchemy. I did a number of custom painted portraits over the years. At the time I was doing them for little to no money, because I was still learning my craft and building my skills. Anyhow, Etsy's blog featured Moo one day. When I read that I could make double sided cards, all with different images on each individual back. I was blown away! Yep. I went on a field day of uploading my art, and my first order with Moo was an order for 100 cards, almost all of which were different. But as I began handing out my cards I realized there were a few that I favored most, just like my art. I wasn't sure if I should hand those out first. Ya know, share what I thought was my best work, OR keep the best ones, because I am an art hoarder, and my goodness I love this card. Yeah, I am strange. I know.

Anyhow, I figured out which designs I liked best, and which ones people responded to, and I now order 6 or 7 designs when I place an order for 200. I STILL favor certain card designs over others. But, I have plenty of each to share, so I give out WAY too many cards. Anyhow, go check out Vista Print and Moo, if you are in the market for business cards for your business. I recommend Moo to other artists, photographers, crafters, graphic designers, and anyone who wants diversity. I recommend Vista Print however if you just want the standard, crisp white business card. They will do you custom designed business cards as well, and double sided, so if you want cost effective, VistaPrint is a smart solution. But if you want something crazy, cool and different...check your local printers. YES, get out and find a local Letterpress, print, or stationary company. Here in Lancaster we have an awesome Heritage Letterpress Museum, inside of Building Character. I love old Letterpress, the look and feel is exceptional. I have yet to take the leap and get the Letterpress cards or art done. When I do, I will definitely post an update!

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