Agreement of Sale

When you purchase a piece of original art from me, you and I will also complete an agreement of sale. This contract lays out the expectations for both of us when owning a Krissy Whiski original painting. This agreement protects both of us.

You can download a blank agreement here.

If you are purchasing an original piece of art: 

  1. Please get confident that you can sign the agreement before paying for the piece of art online. If I have to refund your purchase, I will lose the transaction fees charged by Shopify. 
  2. Once you are confident that you will be able to sign the agreement, please complete the purchase here on my site. Then I will email you a filled-out agreement for you to sign and return to my lawyer or me.

If you have detailed questions or changes to the agreement, please let me know and contact my lawyer Jen via her information in the agreement. You can learn about Jen's background and services here

Suppose you buy an original piece of my art as a gift for someone else. In that case, you will need to complete the agreement of sale and once it is gifted the recipient will need to sign their own agreement of sale with me.