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The Star

The Star

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Star is an original 30x48" Acrylic on canvas painting by artist Krissy Whiski.  

A goddess stands in a shimmering pond at the base of the mountains. Above her, a large star dominates the night sky, surrounded by seven small stars that are meant to symbolize the seven chakras. 5 butterflies perch, representing transcendence from the physical to the higher planes. The woman has within her the universe, she slowly pours from a pitcher of water bearing the infinity symbol, symbolizing that even if the water is taken from this larger body, it will in time return again as part of the whole. 

The Star illuminates, offering hope and inspiration. She is a reminder that everything one needs can be found within. She brings a message of spiritual power, and the enduring beauty of the natural world. She reminds us that the macro and microcosm are as one. She reveals the purity at the core of all things. She stands at the wellspring, nurturing growth and encouraging clarity. She softly, gently, opens the heart, igniting energy, fertility, and creation. Her gifts are all the sweeter for the struggles endured in reaching her domain. The water bearer, known as the Sumerian god of water, the constellation Aquarius or the great one, paired with the star card in the tarot, represents mankind’s truest hopes and ideals. 



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For original art this sale will not be finalized until you and Krissy sign an Agreement of Sale for this piece. Krissy will email the agreement to you after the purchase. If you cannot sign the agreement, we will refund your payment.