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Divine Purpose Yantra

Divine Purpose Yantra

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Yantra is a 24x24 original acrylic on canvas painting by artist Krissy Whiski

Watermark will not appear on the original artwork.


Description of the specific work.

A Yantra is a geometric diagram, or object, used as an aid to in meditation and worship. It is considered a machine, mechanism or tool, a device that processes your input into an output. A yantra can help channel your meditation mantras into a manifestation.

I have created this Yantra as an act of meditation and s of my own divine inner framework. I put my energy and full concentration into the act and service of worshiping the divine sacred goddess within and manifesting her into being to put me on the path of achieving my higher purpose.

Sanskrit t

Yam: Death, the name of the God of death 

Tra: freedom and liberation, Moksha

The meaning of Yantra in Sanskrit is freedom from the fear of death and the attainment of enlightenment. The ego death can be one way of achieving this process. The purpose of the Yantra is to recognize that we are all part of the same larger whole that created us into being and to focus on connecting ourselves to our higher purpose, by c our energy towards our enlightenment. It is not possible to take from this divine energy, one must become connected to and at one with it. Invoking the Yantra through it's sacred geometry allows no the ability to channel conscious energy.

The shape of the Yantra is a beholder of the energy of the divine.  The geometry and shapes existing in the Yantra are older than documented civilization itself. All life in nature is creative, and it builds upon itself, in beautifully elegant, yet simple ways. If you look at everything life creates, all creations appear to have geometric forms, there is a common underlying blueprint. A lot of scientific research and mathematical formulas have proven this to be true. The Golden Ratio is often called the most beautiful number because it creates aesthetically pleasing compositions that draw the eye. Then there is the Fibonacci sequence, Fractals, the seed of life, and so on. As an artist, I study these beautiful shapes and patterns, because I am drawn to their beauty, and the energy that radiates from them. My journey has been one of following my curiosity, to investigate and attempt to understand the ancient civilizations, cultures, religions, and artists that used these symbols and why they still resonate today.

Science acknowledges that the entire universe is connected to one energy, which is called the singularity, the vibration that existed before the universe began expanding, and all matter is a result of vibrations. All life has the internal desire to connect to and to receive the energy of the universe. The Yantra embodies a visual concrete reality to take us inward towards the abstract truths of the universe that lie deep within each and every one of us. If we meditate, quieting the inner voice, and all it's thoughts, if we go inward, we can become connected to the universal energy in all things. This ability can enable one to transcend past typical human consciousness and see past your current predicament. In this state, one can open their mind to new possibilities. 

Mantras are our desired sounds manifesting an outcome and Yantras are the vehicle to help focus and channel those subtle energy vibrations so that we may get there faster. Better said "Mantras are the soul speaking and Yantras are the body visualizing. Find your soul's, calling and follow it to find your purpose. If you deeply want something with all your heart and soul, you must take the next step towards following your instinct and making it happen.



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