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Moonpenny Mystic

Moonpenny Mystic

To inquire if you are allowed to purchase this work please contact me

Moonpenny Mystic is a 18x24" original acrylic on canvas painting by artist Krissy Whiski

The name Daisy comes from the Old English ‘dæges ēage’  or day’s eye, which became shortened to daisy we know it as today. It was called this due to its resemblance to an eye, as it closed for nighttime and opened up again in the morning.   Its large blooms are so bright that they appear to ‘glow’ in the evening, hence the alternative common names of ‘Moon Daisy’ and ‘Moonpenny’.

I have added UV reactive paint to the yellow center, as well as to parts of her face, when you shine uv light on this painting parts of it will appear to glow.


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For original art this sale will not be finalized until you and Krissy sign an Agreement of Sale for this piece. Krissy will email the agreement to you after the purchase. If you cannot sign the agreement, we will refund your payment.