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Nammu Cosmic Creator Goddess

Nammu Cosmic Creator Goddess

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Nammu is a 10"x10" original acrylic painting study on 1.5" deep gallery wrapped canvas. Watermark will not appear on original artwork.

In Eridu’s embrace, 'neath celestial dome,

Lies Nammu, where primordial waters roam.

Creator, nurturer, in ancient lore entwined, Mother of gods, in her essence, we find.

With Enki, Asalluhi, in sacred dance, She weaves life’s tapestry, in a timeless trance. Her justice, her wisdom, in texts doth shine, A deity complex, divinely divine.

Though temples few, her spirit reigns wide, In rituals, offerings, her devotees confide. In cleansing waters, their souls they bare, For Nammu’s blessing, a sacred prayer.

Contrast of Tiamat, chaos and night, Nammu, the nurturer, bearer of light.

In creation's cradle, her legacy cast, A goddess of old, her mythos vast.

In ancient scribes, her story unfurls, Goddess of creation, mother of worlds.

Through Mesopotamia’s shadowed halls, Nammu, the mother, forever calls.


Nammu, the Mesopotamian goddess, emerges from ancient lore as a profound creator and nurturing figure. Celebrated in the theology of Eridu, her essence is deeply linked with the primordial cosmic waters, symbolizing life and creation. In mythological narratives, she stands with deities like Enki, Asalluhi, and Nanshe, marking her prominence in the pantheon. She's also noted for her judicial functions, adding layers to her multifaceted character.

While Nammu's worship wasn't as widespread as other gods, her role was vital in the rituals and beliefs of her time. Revered in Eridu and beyond, she symbolized fertility and family, influencing ancient lives through rituals, offerings, and festivals.

Nammu's story stands apart from her Babylonian counterpart, Tiamat. While both are primordial mothers, Nammu is seen as a nurturing protector, in stark contrast to Tiamat's chaotic and destructive nature. This highlights the varied interpretations of primordial waters in Sumerian and Babylonian myths.

In literature, Nammu is hailed for inspiring the creation of mankind in the gods' image, a testament to her crucial role in shaping the cosmos. Her unique presence in these tales sets her apart from other creation narratives.



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